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Quality Strategy Execution brings a plethora of benefits, yet in 2019 many organisations choose to rely on manual, cumbersome systems where bureaucracy takes precedent - a prime culprit of missed goals, and why businesses fail to succeed on their strategic goals - the answer is a digital approach.

Written by: Simon Crowther, CEO

It is an accepted fact that effective Strategy Execution in a global enterprise does deliver very significant benefits, yet historically the only way to attempt to deliver the benefit was cumbersome. Tradition called upon an administrative, manual business system which relied on productivity tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel and email along with a ‘war room’ painted with paper printouts. The reality is that bureaucracy takes precedence in such a system, and it’s plaguing your ability to out-perform the market.

Often, regardless of leadership commitment, teams of practitioners and the best will in the world, these systems rapidly lost sight of the benefits they were put in place to deliver. They typically ground to a halt under the limitations of bureaucracy and poor technology, and ultimately prevented the delivery of the full potential of the strategy.

If your organisation continues to practice manual Strategy Execution, but your expected outcomes are missed all too often, there has never been a better time to move towards a Strategy Execution solution that removes the bureaucracy associated with traditional methods.

Manual Strategy Execution systems

Just this week I came across an intellectually brilliant yet startlingly manual ‘Strategy Execution system’.

Here, a global business had 60 teams running Continuous Improvement and 15 teams deploying breakthrough strategy, across four continents and all running a weekly cadence.

With an average of 10 people in a team, that means 750 people contribute to 75 different spreadsheets via email; with none of the data sets validated or the entire ‘system’ integrated.

So, what was the outcome? An intellectually brilliant Strategy Execution system, a committed leadership team, with a clear vision of how to execute their strategic goals and a team who wanted it to work. Yet the outcome was a bureaucratic, manual business system which wasn’t working, misaligned to the CEO’s vision, had become an automated ‘tick box’ process, and ultimately was failing.

For the CEO, their time was spent interpreting the wrong data from invalid data sets, meaning the question was switched to “how are we doing with running the strategy?” away from the far more important question “is my strategy on target, and will it deliver the expected results?”.

New call-to-action

Eliminating bureaucratic Strategy Execution

The purpose of an enterprise-grade Strategy Execution solution such as i-nexus is clear:

Eliminate the bureaucracy of manual approaches by digitising Strategy Execution to ensure the right information is available to enable early action to address problems, answering in real-time the right question “is my strategy delivering the results we expected?“.

This is not easy, and we have spent over a decade and US$10M in developing our platform.

Today we have a proven Strategy Execution platform being used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Forward-thinking: Digitised Strategy Execution

This discussion is just one example of the many conversations we have each week across the world as organisations are looking to digitize their Strategy Execution.

Whilst transforming from a bureaucratic manual operating system is not an easy process, we have found these ‘strategy mature’ enterprises can deploy our platform within 3-months.

The impact of digitising Strategy Execution is profound in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and, importantly, insight. As our clients transition away from a manual operating system to a global ‘single source of truth’ for Strategy Execution we see improvements in all key metrics including turnover, profitability, cost control and other measures.

To learn how i-nexus can support your organisation, join us at an upcoming Strategy Execution briefing, contact our team of advisors on info@i-nexus.com, or click here to book a call.

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