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How to communicate and align employees with strategy | i-nexus

How can you effectively communicate and align employees with strategy? Here's why Strategy Execution software can help you to do just that.

In this article we will explore i-nexus goal management capabilities. Specifically, we'll look at how to use i-nexus to effectively communicate and align employees with your strategy. From a goal management perspective i-nexus supports multiple platforms including Hoshin X-matrix and Balanced Scorecard. It can also support alternative strategy execution methodologies.

i-nexus is a SaaS, enterprise-ready Strategy Execution softwareIt integrates goal managementinitiatives and metrics into one intuitive system making it easy for you to manage your full strategy execution management cycle. Let’s have a look at how i-nexus can support you in communicating your strategy and aligning your employees with the top level objectives.




When we log into i-nexus we have access to an interactive X-Matrix. We have an accurate view of the top level objectives and how they are going to be measured. Here we also have a good representation of the alignment and ownership for this part of the strategic plan.

i-nexus software

i-nexus facilitates the catchball process to ensure that everyone is aligned on high impact objectives. With a simple click we can define our goals to meet the long term objectives of the organization. The dots on the X-Matrix represent the connections between various levels. We can also delegate goals down to our team and agree “annual objectives” and “top level priorities” including ownership or goals and leading indicators.
i-nexus strategy software
Once we connected the new objective with the rest of the plan, we can see clarity of the connections of the objectives with relevant actions and ownership for accountability purposes. And we also have visibility on how we measure progress  (metrics).
To enable alignment from top level objective to the next level down, we can rotate the X-matrix to see how the strategy cascades down the organization.
i-nexus strategy software
As you can notice, i-nexus has the ability to dynamically rotate the x-matrix to understand how objectives are cascading down through the organization and what the logic is behind the cascade... but most importantly it helps us identify the gaps in the plan.  i-nexus gives us the simplicity of using spreadsheets with the advantage to automatically consolidate all our x-matrices into one version of the truth. This means we don’t need to spend any time or effort trying to manually manage various versions of our plan.  

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The real power of i-nexus is that each goal owner has their own personalized view. This helps  stay focused on the part of the plan that we’re responsible for. At the same time we can see the entire plan and understand how we contribute to the overall strategy. i-nexus can become the central driving tool within any organization for goal deployment.

It can provide with a means to:

1. Stay focused on important goals;
2. Manage by exception and follow-up relentlessly.
It is as easy to use as spreadsheets but without any drawbacks associated with using spreadsheets. It is secure and powerful and will save your time and effort communicating and agreeing on your strategy. Visit the i-nexus goal management software page to learn more and request a demonstration.


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About the author

James is i-nexus' Head of Marketing. Bringing a passion for strategy from a marketing angle, you'll find he loves to intertwine sports and strategy. His background covers industries such as energy, broadband, education and employee benefits.

If you'd like to talk more about your strategic challenges, reach out to James on james.milsom@i-nexus.com or connect with James on LinkedIn for more strategic insights.