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3 stats to evaluate your organization’s strategic capabilities


For your organization to achieve its goals, be those long-term, transformative or continuous, it must possess the right capabilities. These statistics prove why it's time to assess your Strategy Execution engine.

Written by: Deborah Biscomb, Head of Marketing

Modern Strategy Execution is typically defined by an organization's ability to overcome the three Cs, which I am sure will hold weight with you as you read this:

  • Complexity: Challenging goals are often cascaded with ambiguity and poorly scoped, making it difficult to join up divisions’, teams’ and individuals’ actions to the wider strategy.
  • Confusion: Operating in a manner which achieves real step change alongside making daily improvements can be challenging and can make the visibility and success of these efforts overly difficult.
  • Consequences: Lack of visibility and appropriate action means that progress is tough to quantify, and identifying areas of improvement near impossible, pushing your goals ever further out of reach.

Overcoming these hurdles doesn't have to be a misguided endeavour.

These are the statistics you and your organisation need to be aware of when it comes to successful strategy deployment, management and execution.


3 stats that prove the need to assess your strategic capabilitiesWant to learn more about the factors impacting your Strategy Execution?

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About the author

Deborah Biscomb is i-nexus’ Head of Marketing. Deborah has wide-ranging experience of markets such as retail, manufacturing, financial services, public sector, telecommunications, energy and utilities, distribution and logistics. As Head of Marketing, her drive is to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges facing enterprises in controlling their strategy and driving superior results.

If you’d like to talk more about Strategy Execution, reach out to her on deborah.biscomb@i-nexus.com or connect with Deborah on LinkedIn for the latest Strategy Execution insights.